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New Dry Fertilizer Box

new MonTag dry fertilizer box

Montag dry fertilizer carts are a great addition to any strip till machine, planter, or side dress tool. Montag dry fertilizer setups only require one hydraulic scv on the tractor. The fan oil also runs the drive motor for meter. Being hydraulic-driven allows for customers to do variable rates. Pwm valve and encoder are included—just plug in your controller and go.

The high output fertilizer meter, along with individual meter per row, allow for large amounts of product to be delivered at high speeds and with great accuracy. The steerable cart follows great and stays off the rows while in the field. Upgrade to the drift hitch option which has hydraulic control over the cart for side hills.

It’s great for behind planters, liquid side dress machines, or strip till machines. Also the new Generation 2 dry box is a twin bin compartment for variable rate of 2 products.


  • 9-ton poly tank with 12-row, high-output meter and scale
  • 9-ton steerable cart with 380/90/R46 rubber and heavy-duty knuckle hitch
  • Sizes range from 6-ton, 8-row to 9-ton, 24-row
  • Also available are 6-ton (1,200 gallons) or 9-ton (1,700 gallons) liquid carts

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